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Like many therapists I became interested in therapy because I was dissatisfied with the way my own life was going.  I desperately wanted change but seemed unable to achieve it.  Fear and procrastination ran my life and quite frankly I became so fed up I decided to seek help.  I soon realised that we are often our own worst enemy instead of our own best friend.  After receiving some much needed help I decided to train as a therapist in Hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and BWRT.

It is a truth, however simplistic it sounds, that what we think about ourselves and our life becomes true for us.

Henry ford quote: if you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right

When we are young the people and events around us mould who we are and we form our view of the world and our place in it.  Quite often these beliefs can be very negative and if we give it any ‘thought at all we decide that its ‘just the way it is’.

The good news is that it is ‘just a thought’ and a thought can be changed, even self-hatred is only hating a thought you have about yourself, so if you don’t have the thought you wont have the feeling.

We readily believe that we are not good enough but according to whose standards? We accept it so readily we don’t even question it.

When we love and approve of ourselves everything else falls into place and just as we have learnt to believe negative things about ourselves, we can unlearn them.  The power is in the present, we can change how we view our past and shape a future we want.

With guidance these crippling beliefs we have can be replaced with positive ones, so if you want to launch your life take the first step and email me for an informal chat, no strings attached.

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Call Jacqueline On 01702 207799 For A FREE CONSULTATION
Jacqueline Everett BA (Hons), Adv.DHP, BWRT Practitioner (based in Hockley, Essex)